Dedicated to conservation of the African Lion

Links to our Associates and Supporters

  1. The Niassa Carnivore Project:

Promotes coexistence between humans and lions.

Lions, in particular, are in crisis throughout Africa. There are fewer than 35,000 wild lions left in the world today and the need for locally-derived, grassroots solutions has never been more critical. Only five or six conservation areas in Africa support more than 1,000 lions each today. These are the recognized strongholds for lion populations and Niassa National Reserve (NNR), in Mozambique, is one of them. The NNR now supports an increasing population of lions, currently estimated at 1000-1200 lions (2012). We survey the lions in NNR every 3 years.

2.  Conservation Force:

VISION: A world with more abundant game, wildlife and marine life, and secure natural places kept relevant forever through traditional human enjoyment.

Our PURPOSE is to expand and secure conservation of wildlife, wild places and our outdoor way of life.

Conservation Force stands for three forces. First, that hunters and anglers are an indispensable and essential force for wildlife conservation. Second, that Conservation Force is a collaborative effort combining forces of a consortium of organizations and, third, that Conservation Force itself is a proactive force to be reckoned with because of its record of conservation successes.

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